Public Housing Levy

Housing is a human right.

We don’t currently have the public housing levy that statute allows us to do. Instead, we’re funding public housing as part of the general budget. This impacts Minneapolis Public Housing Authority’s ability to keep up with all the improvements and repairs that need to be done, since any of their projects can be cancelled if something more compelling comes across city council’s desk. Of course, they’re not a perfect agency – no city, county, state, federal agency is perfect – but we can help fill the gaps in their ability to fund their projects by setting aside money for this important public need.

If we had decided to pass the levy this year at the maximum amount allowable, it would have given MPHA 11.1 million dollars next year. The amount we can raise is going to depend on the property values in the city at the time the levy is passed.

For the deep-divers among you, the statute is and the current property valuation of the city’s parcels is available at So, we take 0.0185 percent of estimated market value, $60,117,502,900, and get 11.1 million! (Side note: dealing with Very Large numbers like ‘estimated market value of the entire city’ made me wonder how many Minneapolises Jeff Bezos could flat-out buy. The answer is 3.3.)