Equitable Assessments

Property taxes are based on the valuation of your home, performed by the city assessor. When your home’s value changes, whether that’s the apartment building you live in or the single family building, the amount of property tax due changes. Landlords pass the cost of the property taxes on to their tenants in collecting rent, people who own land pay it as a bill.

The value of your home that the city finds must be accurate. There is an appeals process if there has been a mistake, but it’s a bureaucratic process that disadvantages renters – if you aren’t the property owner, you can’t appeal. And it takes an investment of spare cash and spare time, which not everyone has access to. What this means is we have to make sure we’re doing it right the first time. I intend to spend some time reviewing our processes to make sure our assessments match up with what properties are actually selling for, and how to improve that match where it differs.

I plan to add more information around the appeals process and the assessment process here.